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5 Tips for Pole Dancing Newbies

I’ve been attending pole fitness classes in Reno since February. I started out going to the night classes two or three times a week. I now go to the early morning classes and usually attend four to six classes a week.

A few weeks ago I set some personal goals for myself in regards to my workouts: Tone my body, improve my flexibility and master a pole dance routine. So far, I’m making good progress on my goals. The instructor was nice enough to put together a trick style routine that I work on each week.

Once I get it mastered I’m going to (maybe) get video of me that I will (maybe) share. For now you can watch the videos on Pole Dance Dictionary of some of the moves I can do including the Angel, Bird, Flying Cupid and the Hero to name a few.

Anyway, I’ve been really enjoying my pole dance classes and thought I would pass on some pole dancing tips for those who are daring enough to try it out (my kids were fearless when they went with me to the studio one day)…

pole dancing tips for newbies

5 Tips for pole dancing newbies

Wear as little as possible

Yep. I mean it. The more skin contact you have with the pole, the better it is when you are doing your moves. I wear yoga shorts and a tank top. The shorter your shorts are the better. Some people strip the tank top and workout in just their sports bra. For those days when it’s chilly outside as you head to class, dress in layers that can be easily peeled off during class.

Don’t lube up

Skip the lotions and creams on your skin before you come to class. Not only do they make it harder for you to grip the pole, they also leave residue on the pole. You do want to wear deodorant for class. Not only will it help you not stink but it should also help you when gripping the pole with your armpit.

Bruises are normal

I come home with new bruises after almost every pole dance class. It’s all normal. Even my instructor has bruises on her legs. There’s some kind of cream you can put on them if you want them to go away faster but I’ve never used it. I wear my bruises with pride.

Master your grips

Some moves require you to grip the pole with your hands, other moves you grip with your armpits, your knees or other parts of your legs . Whatever the move and whatever the grip, work on mastering it from the very beginning. It will make your life so much easier as you progress on and learner harder moves. (I do a version of this basic invert but I grip the pole with my knees and let go of both hands – it was a little scary at first but not anymore).

Have fun with it

In my first pole class I was pretty nervous. I’m uncoordinated and I hadn’t worked out in years. Plus it was pole dancing! But 6 months later I’m so glad I stuck with it. It’s an awesome all body workout and it’s fun learning new moves and pushing yourself. Some days I think the instructor is crazy when she shows me a new move to try but I smile, laugh and do my best with it. Usually I figure it out within a couple tries. Or I fall on the ground. Either way, I have fun while doing it.

Bonus: Stick with it

An extra tip because I’m nice like that: You’ll be sore and you’ll have bruises. But don’t give up. Pole fitness is a great way to strengthen your core (especially that lower tummy area, moms you know what I’m talking about). And as my instructor says, it’s a great way to “unleash your sexy side or get your sexy back.” Don’t we all want to bring sexy back just like Justin Timberlake?

If you’re in the Reno/Sparks area, join me at Poleletics Fitness for your pole dancing workout (also like them on Facebook while you’re at it). If you’re in a different area, do a Google search to find a studio near you. You need to try it. Trust me.

This is not a sponsored post. I wanted to write more about my workout since I’m loving it and I think others will too.

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