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Essence of Now: A Ruff Life

Normally for my Essence of Now posts I highlight what’s been going on with me and the girls. This week, I’m going to show you a glimpse of life for another family member… The big, dumb, lazy, cuddly dog. Who never leaves my side when I’m at home. Did I mention he’s a bit lazy?Continue Reading

Banana Almond Smoothie {aka Chunky Monkey}

Lately I’ve found myself not eating breakfast again. This is not a good thing for me for two reasons. One, I workout every morning. Two, I get really cranky if I don’t eat. So, one day after not having had anything to eat and realizing it was almost 10 am, I came up with thisContinue Reading

Good Thing I Can Count To 3

I’ve never really been one to read parenting advice books. They all claim to be full of super helpful advice and I’ve always thought “I don’t need that. My kids are alive and fed – what else do I need to do?” And then I became a stay at home mom. And after that IContinue Reading

Essence of Now: The Real Start

Now that we finally have our books, school has officially started for the girls. The big kid is currently learning division, spelling, grammar, history, literature and of course science. The small one is learning how to write the alphabet, spell various 3 and 4 letter words and her numbers including addition and subtraction. So farContinue Reading

Homemade Zucchini Bread

Last year my bumper crop in the garden was eggplant. This year it was zucchini and summer squash. I gave some away, froze some and used the rest in various recipes from savory to sweet, including this homemade zucchini bread. This was the first year I’ve grown zucchini in the garden. In the years past,Continue Reading

Health Care Reform and You

Before I get into this post, I would like to first thank The Motherhood and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for sponsoring this post so that I could learn more about health care reform and pass that important information on to my readers.  As a small business owner, health insurance is something that the husbandContinue Reading

Essence of Now: Like the Olden Days

This past week it felt like I was living in another century. Perhaps the 1800s. Or maybe the 1900s since we had TV. Why did I feel this way? Because I was a freaking canning machine. Pickled green cherry tomatoes – canned 8 pints On Saturday, I woke up. Went to workout. Worked in theContinue Reading

Peaches and Cashew Cream Breakfast {Raw and Vegan}

Okay, so I should have shared this peaches and cashew cream breakfast recipe with you months ago since it has fresh peaches. But I didn’t. Mostly because I kept forgetting to take pictures of it. So, here it is. At the end of summer for you to enjoy for the last few days that freshContinue Reading

Tips for Getting The Kids Up and Out in the Mornings

If you struggle with getting your children up in the mornings and out the door, this post is for you. It’s full of helpful tips for getting easily getting out the door and is brought to you by the great folks at 1-2-3 Magic.  A new school year is upon us, which means that weContinue Reading

Essence of Now: Science Week

We were supposed to officially start school this week. However, the bulk of the school books that I ordered on Amazon haven’t arrived yet. In fact, they haven’t even shipped yet. So… instead of doing boring things like spelling and history we did science. Lots of science. The girls learned about the chemical reaction betweenContinue Reading

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