Essence of Now: The Graffiti Artist

I’ve been working with Layla since the start of our homeschooling year on how to write her letters and numbers. As I showed a few weeks ago in the post about 1-2-3 Magic, she practices her skills on more than just paper. This past week, it seems like she has branched out from doors to other surfaces…

But let’s start with her latest door drawing. This one is a monster that’s on her bedroom door. I think it’s a sign of what lives inside the room.

monster door

And then there’s her sheets. At first she just drew her name with a circle around it so that her animals knew where she was supposed to sleep at night. A few nights later the rest of the letters showed up. Note, none of this came out in the wash. Yes, grandma – she now needs new sheets for Christmas.


There was also the coloring of the chair in her room. She was very happy to point out the number 2 she drew on one of the arm rests. Can you see it?


But her practice didn’t stop with items in her own room. Oh no. She also found time to write on my iPad cover and on the white part of the kitchen bar.


I could keep going with pictures of things she’s colored on lately that she wasn’t supposed to but I have a feeling that would make this post way too long. Instead, I’ll stop there and move on to some things she’s actually allowed to write on. Like her white board where’s she’s mastered how to write dad’s name.

white board

And paper where she figured out how to spell a word that I never, ever, ever say all by herself.


Needless to say, I’ve been a little busy cleaning up after my little graffiti artist this past week. Maybe one day I’ll figure out where she is hiding the markers and pens in her room.

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Essence of Now

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7 Responses to Essence of Now: The Graffiti Artist

  1. Alison says:

    Oh my!
    I’ve had to hide all crayons, markers, pens, coloring pencils etc, because my littlest has been using our living room as a big canvas. They can now only use those things under strict supervision!
    Yay on mastering letters, Layla!
    Alison recently posted..Old School Blogging: 5 Blogging Loves

  2. Leighann says:

    WOW. You certianly have an artist on your hands!
    Leighann recently posted..The Good Stuff

  3. Aleta says:

    The last picture had me giggling! But wow…. she has learned the skill of writing and drawing and is inspired where ever she goes :)
    Aleta recently posted..Other Blogs

  4. Theresa
    Twitter: amountainmomma

    OMG, I hope you have some Magic Erasers!!
    Theresa recently posted..Some thoughts on Slutoween…

  5. Amanda Jillian
    Twitter: faeriebarista

    Wow I thought my kids were bad with drawing/writing on things. But wow great for her writing a word.
    Amanda Jillian recently posted..Part of Your World #iPPP

  6. Andrea says:

    Ooof. At least she is practicing her letters, right? ?!?!
    Andrea recently posted..Super

  7. Nicole says:

    Um, a Matisse in training?! We are laughing (and sometimes, crying) about stuff just like this over at Great Moments in Parenting, an open blog to celebrate the agony and ecstasy of life with kids. We’d be honored if you submitted an essay, parenting “moment” or photo (like this) and we are happy to link back to your site. Here’s where you can submit: Thanks for considering it!
    Nicole recently posted..How to Find Pleasure as a Parent

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