When Kids Object To Their Dinner Plate

When it comes to eating, the girls and I don’t always see eye to eye.

Like the night I made raw walnut vegan tacos (ground walnut instead of meat for the filing). Yeah. Let’s just say Hayley was so against this meal she gave it back. Right there at the dinner table. I won’t go into any more detail other than to say we never had that dish again.

Or there’s the daily battle with Layla who shouts, “I don’t like vegetables” to anyone who will listen.

l and squash

A few minutes later she’s sucking down a green kale smoothie or a green lemonade juice that she helped me make. Gotta love those healthy drinks.

green lemonade

To make mealtimes even more fun, the oldest kid and I are now vegetarians. Except she’s not a fan of salads, mushrooms, peppers, onions and some other veggies that I can’t think of right now.

h mushroom

Sadly for her, I cook with all of them. Frequently.

The little one also declared herself a vegetarian – that likes chicken. But not chicken meat. Apparently they are two different things in her world and you better not get them mixed up.

All good times. I’m sure you parents know exactly what I’m talking about with kids and food struggles.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Other times it’s easier to give in and try again for the next meal.

For all you parents out there who have feeding challenges, Happy Family has launched a campaign called “Stories from the Bright Side” which are true stories about little ones and food brought to life. Like this one about a mom who gave her kids green juice which they thought was coffee.

If you don’t already know, Happy Family lovingly devotes a mother’s care to crafting premium, organic meals and snacks that nourish the most important parts of our lives: our families. To learn more about their complete line of products for your little one, visit www.happyfamilybrands.com. Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #hfbrightside

For Stories from the Bright Side, you can watch 8 stories about kids and food brought to life by 12 improv actors.

Have your own funny feeding story?! Share it on Facebook for a chance to win $20,000 towards your child’s college education.

Now don’t you feel better knowing you are so not alone in the challenges of feeding getting the kids to eat healthy?

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6 Responses to When Kids Object To Their Dinner Plate

  1. Susi
    Twitter: bocafrau

    I’m definitely happy to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with feeding her kids healthy foods, especially veggies and fruits. My kids do eat healthy overall — they do prefer raw to cooked veggies and my girls prefer fruit to veggies. But at least I get some in them. I can also definitely see how their tastes change as they get older.
    Susi recently posted..Healing {A quick update}

  2. Tonya says:

    This post was timed perfectly as we are having a rough time with Lucas at dinner, especially. He only likes so many things and is pretty much unwilling to expand his horizons when comes to trying new and different foods, so thank you for the tips and resources.
    Tonya recently posted..Game Night

    • Layla is very much the same way lately. It can be frustrating but I try and find other ways to get her to try new foods. The favorite seems to be smoothies and juices. She will drink those all day long with no clue that they contain vegetables. Good luck!

  3. Andrea says:

    My daughter hasn’t eaten any other fruit except apples since she was three years old (she is now 10). I kick myself every day for not forcing them on her when she was young and malleable, and then I remember that every time I gave her fruit she would gag and throw it up. Mealtimes were a blast back then.

    Lucky for me (and her), she eats any kind of vegetable. Except tomato. Never tomato.
    Andrea recently posted..Bad Timing

    • That’s really surprising that she likes vegetables and not fruits. Most kids are the opposite. Have you tried making her fruit smoothies to see if you she will drink those? You can also put vegetables in them (like kale, spinach, lettuce, etc.) so that they don’t taste as fruity.

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