How Many More Days Until Cars, Bikes, and Tutus?

I’m a bit old school when it comes to holiday cards.

I buy the real cards that require me to actually write my name (which I’m sure no one can read since my handwriting is atrocious. Maybe I’ll have the big kid sign the cards this year instead of me).

Inside I put the latest family pictures we have but the pictures are never holiday related.

I have this thinking that holiday pictures are only displayed for the holidays so instead we take regular family pics.

Last month we went to a local park near the river and took our family pictures. Now I need to print them (yeah, I still haven’t done this yet).

But I do have the cards I’m going to send out for this year.

Special Christmas cards from Hallmark.

How can it already be time for Christmas planning already?

And speaking of Christmas, the kids have already started asking how many more days until the stockings are filled.

And they have also started their lists of wants (which may or may not include Apple products and lip gloss. Again).

To help answer the “how many more days” question, we are using the Interactive Countdown card from Hallmark which features Mickey Mouse. I programmed it with the date and time and now it displays how many days until C-day.

Every time Layla wakes up crying for it to be Christmas (which happens frequently) I pull out the countdown card and show her the number of days left. She probably has no idea what I’m talking about but it’s helpful to stop the Santa tears.

To help with the holiday wish lists the kids have been using the Interactive Recordable Greeting card from Hallmark with Mickey Mouse. They hold down the button, say what they want for Christmas, and then they can send the card to whoever they want. Or they can re-record themselves (which has happened many times as they remember more stuff they want).

Here is their current wish list for Santa, me, Grandma, and/or anyone else willing to purchase gifts. I’m sure this will change at least 3,425,562 more times before the big day.

Oh how I wish we could go back to the days when my oldest still believed in Santa. It makes me feel old that she doesn’t.

So, what kind of Christmas cards do you send out? And what’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

Note…I received the above cards from Hallmark but I did not receive compensation. All opinions, pictures, and crazy kids are my own. 

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20 Responses to How Many More Days Until Cars, Bikes, and Tutus?

  1. Michelle Zapata
    Twitter: soccermamidiary

    Hi Jessica! I’m with you on the cards and family pictures. I started including family pictures (non-holiday) with our cards two years ago, and it was a huge hit. I also started doing a “Christmas letter” instead of cards. A family portrait tip: during the month of November, JC Penney stores are offering free portrait sessions with photos!
    Michelle Zapata recently posted..Thanksgiving Vacation

    • Jessica Torres says:

      We used to do our family pictures at JCPenneys but now that I’m getting more into photography we are doing our own. It’s nice because we can go anywhere to take the pictures. Downside is I have to print them myself.

  2. Barbara
    Twitter: babspinfrance

    I used to love sending real cards, but living so far away I’ve opted for convenience.
    Barbara recently posted..Mama Monday!

  3. angela says:

    Abbey wants an iPad??? Um, I get mine first, please :)

    The countdown card is genius. I’ll have to look into that.
    angela recently posted..Egret the Elephant – A Review

  4. Kimberly says:

    Oh the cards we give out are ridiculous. Last year our theme was “The Christmas Story” and had my son pretend to stick his tongue to a pole. Epic

  5. Galit Breen
    Twitter: galitbreen

    Love that you take a traditional route, girl! Love!
    Galit Breen recently posted..The Magic of Family Photos {& 100 Free Cards from Minted!}

  6. Susi
    Twitter: bocafrau

    Too funny. If I had that wishlist card the batteries would probably run out way before Christmas! I like to send cards with the kids’ pictures… it’s fun for me to design them. :)
    Susi recently posted..Picture Perfect Weekly #29 {Live, Love, Laugh edition}

    • Jessica Torres says:

      I doubt the batteries on the wishlist will make it to Christmas. My kids have been changing their lists every 5 seconds lately.

  7. Kimberly
    Twitter: KimberlyAMuro

    I think I need the recordable wish list so Kurt knows what I want for Christmas.
    Kimberly recently posted..My Life In Numbers

  8. John (Daddy Runs a Lot)
    Twitter: daddyrunsalot

    In my house, it’s ALWAYS time for tutus :-)

    For Holiday cards, I need to get my ass in gear — we’ve had pictures taken, but we haven’t received them from the photographer yet. Eventually, we’ll get around to figuring out the right picture.
    John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted..Where I attempt to make my own vanilla extract

  9. Julie says:

    I used to send out funny, slightly obnoxious cards when I was single. Since I’ve built a family, I prefer the photo cards. The last three years I’ve created cards that were keepsakes for me and fun reminders for our friends and family of how fast we’re growing.
    Julie recently posted..YeeHaw for MawMaw #iPPP

  10. Tonya says:

    I love Hallmark, but since becoming a family, we get the best photo of the three of us we can (one year it was a self-roid) and I order a flat card from Shutterfly, Tiny Prints or the like. This year we actually had professional photos taken! I have yet to order them. Sigh…
    Tonya recently posted..Have You Ever?

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