I Love You The Orangest

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Hayley made this present for me at school.


In case you can’t read it, it says (bold are her words)…

I love you the Orangest

I love you the color of a orange carrot

The sound of the flower blowing

The feeling of the sun warming your heart

I love you like having puppies

The warmth of the sun shining

The way we plant pretty flowers

And the way you love me 

I love you the Orangest. 

I’m thinking she might have a future in card writing. Do you think Hallmark will work an 8 year old?

To help everyone recover from Mother’s Day we’ve got a Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini recipe over at One Martini with fresh raspberries and fresh lemon juice.

And…if you want to smile check out my post from last week with Siri’s words of wisdom and Layla’s foul language.

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62 Responses to I Love You The Orangest

  1. Alison@Mama Wants This
    Twitter: AlisonSWLee

    I do believe Hayley as a future as a card writer. ‘Having puppies’ made me giggle.

    Ooh the Fairy HobMother has been busy!
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..The Race

  2. Elaine
    Twitter: elainea

    You can split that 75 bucks down the middle for ALL your supplies needed… you know, fair is fair. ;) Happy Mother’s Day!!
    Elaine recently posted..A Pretty Great Day & MEM

  3. Kimberly
    Twitter: KimberlyAMuro

    I love you the orangest too.

    And don’t kid yourself, that’s going right to martini supplies.
    Kimberly recently posted..I Can See It

  4. nikky44 says:

    That is so cute!!!
    nikky44 recently posted..That’s Nothing…

  5. Erin
    Twitter: UniquelyEN

    Her card is so sweet! I love to read the things that kids write :)
    Erin recently posted..Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Kimberly says:

    The orangest eh? Like as in Snooki orange?
    I’m kidding…this was a beautiful letter to you. Happy Mothers day xoxo
    Ps. The Hobmother is an amazing thing to happen eh?
    Kimberly recently posted..Opening The Door

  7. Kir
    Twitter: thekircorner

    Oh YOU!!!!! Your daughter really loves Orange, which is very cool since she loves YOU as much. I think it’s amazing that the Fairy Hobmother came to visit you, what a perfect way to celebrate such a special day. Can’t wait to see what drink you get to make with the moola! She knows how cool you are and your wordy daughter does too. Love u xoxoxo
    Kir recently posted..Just Be Enough: Talking to Myself

    • Jessica Torres says:

      Thank you Kir! I’ve never heard my daughter say before that she loves orange but based on this note I’d say she does.

  8. Natalie
    Twitter: corp2domestic

    That girl does have a future at Hallmark! So week…and congrats on the Fairy Hobmother!!!
    Natalie recently posted..A Little Beach Preview…

  9. Mirjam
    Twitter: applesndroses

    Aw, that is so sweat. ‘The sun warming my heart??’ Wow, that’s good stuff!
    Mirjam recently posted..Rain

  10. Julie says:

    Having puppies. Oh my gosh, I almost broke my recliner I was laughing so hard.
    Julie recently posted..A gocky by any other name

  11. marie says:

    Maybe the orangest refers to your golden tan? So cute, and puppies are love, so that totally makes sense! I would love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother, I’d spend it on baking supplies, or books.
    marie recently posted..Boyz II Men

    • Jessica Torres says:

      My golden tan hasn’t happened yet for this year but I’m sure it will soon now that the weather is warming up.

  12. Paulette
    Twitter: LittleMsP

    Aww that is so sweet and cute! I love when kids fill in the blanks on things like that. It’s always amazing what words they use. Bridge made me a card at school that has a secret message if you fold it the right way. I still cannot manage to fold it properly without her help.
    Paulette recently posted..30 Topics ~ Almost 10 Influencers

    • Jessica Torres says:

      That’s cute that it’s got a secret message. Maybe she should write down directions for you on how to fold it.

  13. Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful}
    Twitter: SharonPfeiffer

    I absolutely LOVE it! And, see, she does love planting pretty flowers! Especially if you do most of the work :)
    Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful} recently posted..Celebrating My Mom

  14. Jamie
    Twitter: southmainmuse

    I love all her references to the sun…especially – “The feeling of the sun warming your heart.”

    That’s fabulous and we all know exactly what she meant.

  15. Nicole says:

    Orange is a pretty awesome colour. And puppies! What can be better than puppies, I ask? Great card, Haley!
    Nicole recently posted..A Whirlwind of Boring Activity

  16. What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift! Congrats on your “supply” money! Have fun shopping!
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..Muffin Tin Monday- Mama Duck’s Nesting

  17. Jessica says:

    Yes, yes, I do think Hayley has a future in card writing. I love you the orangest is so original!

    Congratulations on the $75 dollars. That’s awesome!

  18. Susi
    Twitter: bocafrau

    I have heard of the Fairy HobMother a few times now. So great that you got a visit!!! And I love the sweet poem… my kids wrote me some cute notes for Mother’s Day as well. Love it. :)
    Susi recently posted..Mother’s Day… a recap

  19. Awww, orange you lucky? Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently posted..Fun in the Sun {Giveaway}

  20. Bruna
    Twitter: beeswithhoney

    That’s a really creative poem you got from Hayley. I say she could rock Hallmark easy! ( Love the way you spell her name, by the way.)
    Bruna recently posted..my week via instagram

  21. Emmy
    Twitter: Emmymom2

    Did you have a run in with bad self tanning lotion? ;). Too cute
    Emmy recently posted..A Preemie Turns Two

  22. Bridget
    Twitter: Twinisms

    I love you the orangest too.
    Bridget recently posted..Post R & R Survival Kit

  23. Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop.
    Twitter: amyeatlivelaugh

    Awesome! Clearly orange is her favorite color!? Or do you need a tanning bed intervention?
    Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. recently posted..Memories Captured.

  24. Ado says:

    “I love you the orangest.”
    I mean – are you ever going to look at the color orange and not think of your child again? So adorable.
    Ado recently posted..Hire A Scary Clown to Stalk Your Child For Their Next Birthday Party

  25. Mrs. Weber
    Twitter: laurenweber84

    Best card ever! Can’t wait for these kind of little gems from my gals. And since orange has always been my favorite color, her loving you the orangest must be the highest compliment ever ;)
    Mrs. Weber recently posted..A Mother’s Day Tea Party

  26. Tonya says:

    Yay for Mother’s Day, Hallmark and Fairy Hob Mothers too. :)
    Tonya recently posted..A Month To Remember

  27. Missy | Literal Mom
    Twitter: missybedell

    I love what some schools do for Mother’s Day – and this one was adorable. As was the sentiment – I love you the Orangest . . . love it!
    Missy | Literal Mom recently posted..May Memories Captured – Silly Days

  28. So amazingly awesome. Having puppies? I’m thinking that would be like having a baby. Times 8. Kind of a physical hell. But the sentiment is awesome.
    Natalie @MamaTrack recently posted..Sensations of Motherhood

  29. Roxanne says:

    I think she should get a job as a card writer. “I love you the Orangest” is awesome.
    Roxanne recently posted..Momcomm Blog Critique

  30. Aw, Jess…I love you the orangest…so sweet! Orange is a really happy color ;)
    Also, that’s awesome about the gift card!
    Runnermom-jen recently posted..So Much…

  31. Galit Breen
    Twitter: galitbreen

    Oh hooray for the orangest! Love! :)
    Galit Breen recently posted..Sunshine and Cookies and Friendship

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