Proving Myself Wrong


I’ve never thought of myself as a creative person.

I wasn’t good at art, pottery, or any of those other things that required seeing something in your head and then creating it.

In high school I made my own clothes but they were always from a pattern.

I’ve been quilting for years but always following the directions in the book. All I had to do was pick out the material.

But lately, I’ve been challenging myself.

Creating martinis for One Martini at a Time and directing the husband on how I want the pictures taken.


Special thanks to Alison (Mama Wants This) for the martini making apron.

Making quilts that require more than just following the directions.


A quilt started by my Aunt that I had to figure out how to finish.

Doing web design and print media (in fact, the husband and I started doing web design/print media through our business. I’ve done a few sites already with more in the works).


My business cards that no longer match my blog but I am still going to use because I have a lot of them left over from Blissdom. 

I redid my blog design after finally coming up with an idea that I loved. The goal is to have a greater focus on my posts instead of the header and background.


I’m finally starting to feel the creative bone in my body.

It feels good. 

To help you feel good we have a Strawberry Sunrise Martini posted over at One Martini at a Time.

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Hi and welcome! My name is Jessica Torres and I'm a homeschooling mom of two adorably insane girls on the path to greener living. I'm also self declared iPhone addict and lover of all things Apple. When not attached to my kids, my iPhone, or my laptop, you can find me creating cocktail recipes. Subscribe by RSS Feed or by email to join in the fun over here.

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64 Responses to Proving Myself Wrong

  1. Alison@Mama Wants This
    Twitter: AlisonSWLee

    I think you’ve come a long way, Jess! Congrats on accomplishing so much. And you are totally creative.
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..I’m Crap

  2. Carri
    Twitter: carribrown

    It really helps when you have a purpose. Making creative martinis means you get to drink them afterwards! And you’re a lot better at coming up with drinks than I am.
    Carri recently posted..Somewhere in The Himalayas, A Gay Yeti is Missing His Feet

  3. Robin | Farewell, Stranger
    Twitter: FarewellStrangr

    I’m so glad you’re not only doing all this but seeing your skills. I think all of those things require a lot of skill and creativity – I couldn’t sew or quilt to save my life. And I’m totally impressed at your design skills.

    I think it’s all great, and love that you’re finding yourself in all this.
    Robin | Farewell, Stranger recently posted..Writing Dangerously

    • Jessica Torres says:

      Thank you Robin. I can’t draw a picture to save my life so I’m glad that I have found these other creative skills I can master.

  4. Love the new look of your blog, honestly it’s so inviting and calm, just wonderful!

    Congrats on being focused and taking advantage of all your skills with your new biz, very cool.

    And obviously you don’t need to follow directions because the quilt looks fabulous.
    Marie@feedingfive recently posted..Messy

  5. Kimberly
    Twitter: KimberlyAMuro

    Your determination is awe inspiring. I’m so proud of you for doing so much, and for seeing it in yourself too.
    Kimberly recently posted..Things I Can’t Do

  6. Bridget
    Twitter: Twinisms

    I was going to comment on some of the stuff you said…but now all I can think about is that strawberry martini…
    Bridget recently posted..Monday Listicles

  7. Kimberly says:

    Good for you!! It’s so great to find your footing…now run I say run!!
    Kimberly recently posted..All Work No Play Meet Grasshopper Kidz

  8. Kir
    Twitter: thekircorner

    The website is gorgeous! Wow, I am so impressed. Actually I sit in quiet envy of all you know to do, I am completely jealous of your numerous talents. :) so proud of all the amazing stuff you do!
    Kir recently posted..Proud Mommy Moments: Jenna from Made More Beautiful is Visiting Today

    • Jessica Torres says:

      Thank you Kir. I have worked hard to learn the things I know and have pushed myself to go beyond what I thought I could do. Now if I could just sleep at night too….

  9. Elena
    Twitter: elenawollborg

    I’m so proud of you for finding things that challenge you and that they’re bringing out your creative side. It’s such a good feeling when that happens. Sometimes it just takes a little while to figure out what truly brings out our inner creativity. Keep up the good work and pushing yourself, Jess! It will be such a huge payoff. :)
    Elena recently posted..Ice Ice Baby! It’s Giveaway Friday.

    • Jessica Torres says:

      Thank you Lena. It’s hard to keep going sometimes but I push on and hope that it pays off in the end. I think it will.

  10. Natalie
    Twitter: corp2domestic

    Girl you are creative! A lot more than me :) I am about to learn how to sew wish me luck. Love the new blog look!
    Natalie recently posted..Life’s Lessons: The March Edition

  11. Eve
    Twitter: EverythingEvie

    I think making anything from scratch, whether it’s a quilt, cookies or a martini, requires creativity. Good for you for finding what brings out yours.

    I’m wondering though, why did you leave Thesis for Headway?
    Eve recently posted..When a Toddler Learns Cause and Effect

    • Jessica Torres says:

      The sites I’ve been building are all on Headway so I figured my site should be on Headway as well. Also, it’s easier to work with and I love the Visual Editor. I can see what changes I’m making as I make them instead of having to save, go to home page, and see what it looks like.

  12. Jackie says:

    I LOVE the new header! And it’s great that you’ve been able to get more in touch with the creative side!
    I really need to make the time to do the same thing… it’s been to long.
    Jackie recently posted..Monday Menu ~ Meatballs with Mac & Cheese

  13. Mirjam
    Twitter: applesndroses

    I already knew you were creative Jessica!
    I have an eye for that! ;)
    Looking forward to see all the great things you will do..believe me you will!
    Mirjam recently posted..Picture love

  14. Gina says:

    I think it’s great that you are finding out these things about yourself. I too have learned that I am capable & actually love doing so many things that I never would have thought- all through this journey of blogging.
    Gina recently posted..Project 366 Rewind- Week 9- Soul

    • Jessica Torres says:

      That’s awesome to hear Gina that you are learning new things through blogging. Makes the time we put into it worth it.

  15. Karin @Mommy's Paradise
    Twitter: mommysparadise

    And you ARE a creative person, well done with your new blog design. I’d say the goal is accomplished, it’s calming and puts the full attention to the post. It’s a challenge to make things from scratch with your own hands and without help or cheat sheet, but after the work is done it makes you feel soooo good. Congratulation. :-)
    Karin @Mommy’s Paradise recently posted..Carnival time in paradise

    • Jessica Torres says:

      Thank you. It is challenging to make things from scratch but it feels so good when the project is done.

  16. Nicole says:

    Hey, if you’re going to be creative, martinis are a very good place to start!

    Love the blog design!
    Nicole recently posted..The book fair is over. Where’s my corkscrew?

  17. Tonya says:

    I love your new look and I am so proud of you for challenging yourself. It feels good, doesn’t it? Keep it up!

    That apron is awesome!
    Tonya recently posted..Gene

    • Jessica Torres says:

      It does feel good. I wear that apron when I’m working for One Martini. It’s perfect for martini creations.

  18. Jessica
    Twitter: Spitupchronicle

    I love your new header, I think its so pretty. Congratulations on seeing your creative side, and letting it shine. And those martinis are to.die.for.
    Jessica recently posted..A Letter To My Boys

  19. Miss Marina Star
    Twitter: MissMarinaStar

    Let me start by saying I LOVE your new site design! It really does bring focus back to the writing, it’s clean and really lovely. Also, I really grateful for your creativity with One Martini. It’s becoming my go to site for drink recipes when I need something new!
    Miss Marina Star recently posted..I Love That I Suck

    • Jessica Torres says:

      I’m so happy to hear that you use our drinks on One Martini. It’s so much fun to come up with drinks and to take the pictures.

  20. Kristi
    Twitter: Therobotmommy

    Yay for you!! Making change helps you grow and you’ve accomplished so much. You should be proud! We are of you :)

    Cheers! ::clink::

    Totally ready for the Dirty Martini post.. Hint Hint
    Kristi recently posted..I hate to admit it but

    • Jessica Torres says:

      Thank you!

      We did do a post on classic martinis with how to make it dirty. But we can do a post dedicated to just a dirty martini if you want.

  21. My Inner Chick
    Twitter: krrobi

    —Sometimes we can surprise ourselves.

    Can you send me a Pink Martini, like the kind from Sex and The City?

    Brava! Bravo! You ROckkkk!
    My Inner Chick recently posted..Mr. Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Sucks

    • Jessica Torres says:

      I’ll have to watch Sex and the City again to see what kind of pink martinis they are serving. I remember Cosmos and we posted one of those (that was strong which equals good).

  22. So what if you use a pattern? You still have to decide the colors and such and you did a fabulous job. And your blog design is absolutely wonderful. Very nicely done.
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently posted..Monday Listicles: *Shocker* I’m Not Perfect

  23. By Word of Mouth Musings
    Twitter: ByWordsMusings

    You are very creative – are you kidding me?
    Look at all this stuff that you do, you leave the rest of us in awe!
    By Word of Mouth Musings recently posted..Pregnant Dad, it SO happens!

  24. Galit Breen
    Twitter: galitbreen

    I love that you’re embracing your creativity! And ohmygoodness in *so* many ways!
    Galit Breen recently posted..Well Practiced Love

  25. Maureen | Tatter Scoops
    Twitter: tatterscoops

    You are one creative busy bee! Love your business cards they are so cute.
    Maureen | Tatter Scoops recently posted..Tagging Killer

    • Jessica Torres says:

      Thank you! I’m really happy with how they turned out even if I didn’t hand that many out to people.

  26. Stasha
    Twitter: NorthWestMommy

    Amazing what we find out about ourselves once we start digging. You are very good in your ventures!
    Stasha recently posted..Monday Listicles

  27. I love your new header! You definitely have a flair for designing!
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..Pause Life for a Moment- Stories from the Shoebox

  28. Shell says:

    I love your new look!

    I can’t even do these things with following directions- so give yourself more credit!
    Shell recently posted..Crafts for the Uncrafty Mom

  29. Elizabeth
    Twitter: mommonsenseblog

    Love the new look of your blog! You obviously had a clear vision of what you wanted and it resulted in a really great, clean look! And I love your header and social media icons. Beautiful job! =)
    Elizabeth recently posted..St. Patrick’s Day Preparations: Corned Beef & Cabbage

    • Jessica Torres says:

      Thank you! This was the first time with my site that I had a solid idea of what I wanted for the design and I’m glad it came together the way I envisioned.

  30. I love it! It’s so subtle. But still beautiful. Really let’s your post come through!
    Natalie @MamaTrack recently posted..The Winter that Wasn’t

  31. Stephanie
    Twitter: supermomboots

    You are super creative! And I am glad you are realizing this fact :)
    Stephanie recently posted..A new one and an old (but good) one

  32. Leighann says:

    Love the design! You are doing such a great job professionally! Keep it up!
    Leighann recently posted..Hard to Open

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