Who Do I Have To Bribe For 2 More Hours?

Lately I feel like I have a pretty good grip on balance in my life.

I have time for blogging, work, quilting, the kids, and the husband (in no order of importance).

But there is always more I want to do (or need to do).

So, if there was some way I could get a few extra hours on the clock.

I would take them.

And what would I do with those hours?

Well, here’s my answer:

If the Key Lime Martini and the S’mores Martini looked good, be sure to check them out on my other blog.

What would you drink, I mean do, if you had a few more hours in the day?

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Hi and welcome! My name is Jessica Torres and I'm a homeschooling mom of two adorably insane girls on the path to greener living. I'm also self declared iPhone addict and lover of all things Apple. When not attached to my kids, my iPhone, or my laptop, you can find me creating cocktail recipes. Subscribe by RSS Feed or by email to join in the fun over here.

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54 Responses to Who Do I Have To Bribe For 2 More Hours?

  1. I love it – nap with your apple products. I would probably use my extra hours to read more books. I never seem to be able to find much time to read books anymore! That seems boring…ok, a glass of wine & read a book.

    • Jessica Torres says:

      I have been reading books lately while I’m on the elliptical. It takes 50 times as long to finish a book but at least I’m getting some reading done.

  2. Tracie
    Twitter: fromtracie

    Those both look wondrously delicious.

    I need more time to read and comment on blogs. I seem never be able to catch up on my reader.
    Tracie recently posted..Listen To The Music

  3. Alison@Mama Wants This
    Twitter: AlisonSWLee

    Um, sleep of course!!
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..He Lifts Me Up

  4. Mirjam
    Twitter: applesndroses

    I am so with you on the napping!
    And I would shop..for clothes..and shoes..and handbags..
    ..and pretty things!
    Mirjam recently posted..Celebration

  5. Eve
    Twitter: EverythingEvie

    Sleep? YES YES YES! A s’mores martini? DUH.

  6. Stephanie
    Twitter: supermomboots

    I would spend some more quality time with my computer!!
    Stephanie recently posted..This weekend I turned 34

  7. Bridget
    Twitter: Twinisms

    I think napping would take up my whole 2 hours. It would be worth it.
    Bridget recently posted..Showering With Kids

  8. marie says:

    Probably read more. I love it but there always seems to be so much going on during the day with the kids. Basically I just need to manage my time better.
    marie recently posted..Lucky #7

    • Jessica Torres says:

      I think it’s hard to find time to read when the kids are running around. I usually get about 15 minutes in with my book when I’m on the elliptical but that’s even hard because my toddler is always asking me questions.

  9. Nicole says:

    Mmmm. Martinis. Those look scrumptious.
    Nicole recently posted..Just call me Flylady

  10. Kir
    Twitter: thekircorner

    nap, nap, nap ;) Ok, well Law & order would be on in the background. LOL

    You know I’d love more time *and energy* to write good and readable. So write, nap and watch Law & Order.

    I like your hair curly..it’s pretty :)
    Kir recently posted..RemembeRED: The Power of the Internet

    • Jessica Torres says:

      I would probably have some better blog posts if I had more time to write. Maybe one day.

      And thanks on the hair. This was when I tried some beach curls.

  11. Natalie
    Twitter: corp2domestic

    I say that’s a perfect plan for a few more hours!
    Natalie recently posted..A Challenging and Fun Age-Is That Even Possible?

  12. Kimberly
    Twitter: KimberlyAMuro

    With all of your projects I think you deserve a few extra hours each day. I think I’d use them to nap. Or exercise. I can never find enough time for that.

  13. Paulette
    Twitter: LittleMsP

    Napping with apple products…AWESOME! I’d probably waste any extra hours if there were any to be had that is.
    Paulette recently posted..Oh That First Job

  14. By Word of Mouth Musings
    Twitter: ByWordsMusings

    You lost me at ‘pretty good grip on balance’ …
    But I heart you and your fluffy hair!
    By Word of Mouth Musings recently posted..Wordy Wordless Wednesday March 28th

  15. I would sleep. And read. And do things for ME.
    Natalie @MamaTrack recently posted..A Rainy Day at Sea World

  16. Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop.
    Twitter: amyeatlivelaugh

    That s’mores martini is calling my name! Yummy.
    Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. recently posted..Lesley Evers Giveaway!

  17. Galit Breen
    Twitter: galitbreen

    Le sigh.

    Sleep and then more sleep.

    Of course.
    Galit Breen recently posted..I Didn’t Know

  18. Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful}
    Twitter: SharonPfeiffer

    Sleep, hands down.

    I used to be such a baby about it, and was grumpy after a couple nights with only 7 hours. CLEARLY this was pre-kids.

    Now I am so perpetually sleep-deprived, I can only imagine what I could accomplish with a full night’s rest!
    Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful} recently posted..A Pretty Girl In A Tiny Gown

  19. What is sleep? My son seems to be awake all the time.
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..Seven Things We Do To Ease JDaniel’s Allergy Suffering

  20. My Inner Chick
    Twitter: krrobi

    –All I can say is, ((( WOW )))

    This looks amaaazing. xx

    Happy Wed.
    My Inner Chick recently posted..Dirty Girl Comes Clean

  21. Ali
    Twitter: suitcasetricks

    No question: Sleep. I require 8 hours. No less. I know I certainly would not use it for cleaning.
    Ali recently posted..WTF Wednesday – The "Good Self Esteem or Totally Delusional" Edition

  22. Theresa
    Twitter: amountainmomma

    Can I sleep and drink martinis?? Ugh.. When???
    Theresa recently posted..My Favourite Post… I’m a Bitch, I’m a Mother

  23. Elizabeth
    Twitter: mommonsenseblog

    Sleep! Precious sleep! And maybe a bubble bath. Ah yes…totally a bubble bath.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Pause Button, Please!

  24. Practical Parenting
    Twitter: katiefhurley

    Exercise at a normal hour, instead of 8pm. And read a magazine. I would stay away from my phone and all other iThings…lately, I just need a break :)
    Practical Parenting recently posted..Slightly Imperfect Parenting

  25. Kimberly says:

    I took the day off from social media yesterday. I sat outside. Chunky dug a giant hole while I ummmmmm…napped…sitting upright. chunky came up and said “Mamma, don’t sleep. You have to watch me play”…sure kid sure.
    Anyways, I burnt the shit out of my face.
    Kimberly recently posted..Feelings And Flowers

    • Jessica Torres says:

      Haha my kid always stops my naps because she wants me to play with her.

      Get some sunscreen or a hat next time. Face burns suck ass.

  26. Kelly
    Twitter: kpugs

    I would partake in your POM Martini and take a nap.

    I just took my first nap (in like 8 years) yesterday…and it was fabulous.
    Kelly recently posted..Needing Downtime

  27. Tonya says:

    I would love more hours in the day to just veg. From the minute my feet hit the ground, I am on the go. A few extra hours to just relax would be nice.
    Tonya recently posted..Golden Slumbers

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