How To Change URLs In WordPress

Changing screen options in WordPress and making the writing area bigger are just a few changes that can be made with WordPress.

Another setting that can be adjusted is the default permalink (URL) structure and the name of your post in the URL.

To change the default Permalink structure

Go to Dashboard, Settings, Permalinks

Permalink settings, How to change permalink settings in WordPress

In the Common Settings there are 6 options.

The default is the first which will display your Permalink as something like this:  which is not very pretty and doesn’t give the reader any idea of what to expect from the post.

The other options besides default for the Permalink structure are day and name, month and name, numeric, post name and custom structure.

Common Permalink Settings, How to change permalink settings in WordPress

Decide which Permalink structure you want and Save Changes.

Once the default permalink settings are set in WordPress the next step is to edit the individual post URL each time you write a new post.

Edit URL for post titles in WordPress

In WordPress when you enter the name of the new post WordPress will automatically enter the post title in the URL..Default Permalink Setting in WordPress, How to change permalink and URL settings in WordPress

The problem with this is that sometimes the name of the post is too long or not accurate enough for the URL. You want your URLs to be short, sweet, and to the point for what your post is about.

To edit the post title in the URL for an individual WordPress post, click “Edit” and type what you want the URL to display with spaces between the words. WordPress will automatically enter dashes between words and all words will appear as lowercase.

edit url in wordpress, How to change a URL in WordPress

Once you are done editing the URL post title press “OK.”

That’s it.

Now your URLs will be pretty and friendly for both SEO and users.

Note, only in can you change the default permalink settings. The second part of this post about editing URLs for individual posts in WordPress applies to both and The 6 permalink settings are for WordPress Version 3.3, earlier versions of WordPress have 5 settings. 

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