From Sisters to Friends

It has taken awhile but my kids are finally starting to become friends.

They have fun, laugh, smile, and pretend to beat each other up.

I love it.

To see some of their good times as they grow beyond sisterhood into friendship
check out my guest post at The Blue Zoo.

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20 Responses to From Sisters to Friends

  1. misssrobin says:

    Isn’t that about the best thing for a mom? To have her kids enjoy each other.

    I didn’t get along with my siblings growing up. We now have a tentative peace, but I wouldn’t say we enjoy hanging out (well, one of them maybe). So it was very important for me to have my kids like each other.

    I may have blown lots of things as a mom, but I scored on that one!

    Thanks again for visiting on my SITS day.
    misssrobin recently posted..Where Did the Color Go?

  2. martha says:

    I love when my girls are friends. There’ always good and bad days. today they squabbled like mad, tomorrow I hope they’lll be best friends. :)
    martha recently posted..Bird Watching

  3. Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation
    Twitter: mommyneedsvaca

    My kids are like that too. One minute they are hugging, the next it is WW3 up in this joint.
    Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation recently posted..What Moms Should Keep in Mind While Traveling with Kids

  4. Kate
    Twitter: andthenkate

    Oooh. The only-child guilt. (Glad you don’t have it.)
    Kate recently posted..I find that adding graffiti to Gumdrop Pass helps a bit. A comeuppance, if you will.

  5. Christi says:

    I really hope my girls get there, but they face the challenge of being 10 years apart in age. I hope they grow up to be close friends!
    Christi recently posted..Tot in Tow: Tips For Successful Family Travel

  6. My girls share a bedroom and are great friends. I grew up with 8 siblings and fighting wasn’t tolerated, so I am pretty hard on my kids and give them a guilt trip when they are mean to each other. I make them sing songs and hug and kiss and read each other books if one has hurt feelings. It seems to always turn out well. (They’re still young)
    Marie@feedingfive recently posted..Saturday by the hour

    • Jessica Torres says:

      I couldn’t imagine 8 kids fighting, I don’t think I would have tolerated it either. My oldest is very bossy and my youngest doesn’t like to share. It makes for some interesting playtimes in our house.

  7. My Inner Chick
    Twitter: krrobi


    I have two boys…and they are very good friends. They actually enjoy one another’s company. :)) Thank Goodness. Xx
    My Inner Chick recently posted..Answering Your Questions Vlog Style

  8. Jen Has A Pen
    Twitter: jenrambles

    I am sure this is so sweet to watch! I hope they are friends forever. :-)
    Jen Has A Pen recently posted..I Hate Costumes.

  9. I love this! My brothers and I were always really close so I hope that my kids will get along like this some day!

  10. MangoChutney
    Twitter: Postpartumom5

    My youngest two are in limbo with that too. I can’t wait until they do officially work that contract out, because it’s exhausting always being the referee! ;)

    • Jessica Torres says:

      My kids still have their moments of fighting, especially because neither likes to share but it’s at least getting better in the moments that they do play together.

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