Not What I Had Planned

My oldest (crazy monkey) goes to bed sometime between 8 and 9 (lately closer to 9 because it’s summer).

My youngest (little monster) is up till around 11.

After monster goes to sleep I turn the computer on and get caught up on blogging, reading, and otherwise try to enjoy some quiet time until around 1 or 2am.

Then I sleep in as late as possible the next morning and jump back on the computer to clear my reader of anything that popped up after I turned off I went to bed.

But since it’s summer and the oldest is out of school I’m trying something new.

Swim lessons are at 10am, the garden has to be watered, I have to shower (yah right), etc in the morning.

So I have been waking up early.

Like 6:30 early (which for me is the butt crack of dawn).

My plan was to wake up, eat some breakfast, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, and have some quiet time on the computer.

Can you spell FAIL?

I can.

Dog 1 thinks it’s a good idea to bark at every blade of weed in the backyard that whispers in the wind.

Open windows means the kids can hear him.

Which means the sleeping children are no longer asleep and my quiet time is down the drain.

They start with demands for breakfast (which we all know I don’t make), hold me, can we go to Starbucks, I want, I need, please mom all before 7am.

This was not my plan.

I’m now tired and grumpy.

Who can give me a new plan?


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82 Responses to Not What I Had Planned

  1. MamaTrack
    Twitter: MamaTrack

    Those dogs are always giving us up, aren’t they? I have been known to run after mine, whisper screaming at them to shut up.

    Here’s hoping tomorrow goes better!

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      Some mornings my dogs are great but other mornings they bark at everything. It’s okay if I’m still in bed because I can get the little one to go back to sleep but if I’m not there she wakes up and won’t go back down.

  2. Courtney @ The Mommy Matters
    Twitter: MrsMommyMatters

    Wish I had the answer for you! Noah goes to bed around 9:00ish, and by that point, I’m so pooped that I usually crash right after him. The husband is up at 6:30, which wakes me up. And then the little guy is up right behind him. So I don’t get much sleep either. Hope it gets better for you!

  3. Natalie
    Twitter: corp2domestic

    My dogs do the same thing…I do the same as Alison and whisper scream at them! They drive me bonkers!

  4. Nicole says:

    Um…I get up at five and that’s my nice free time…but then again I’m an early bird and I am asleep by 9:30….so that’s probably not at all helpful, is it? Good luck!

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I don’t think I could wake up at 5 unless there was something very good waiting for me. I’m not a morning person at all.

  5. Kimberly
    Twitter: MamasMonologues

    My kids are finally getting to bed earlier. And by earlier? I mean 9-9:30. Which sometimes means 10 or even after. BUT… (you’ll hate me for this) they sleep in late. Like after 10. Sometimes 11. In all honesty, I hate it. It makes me feel like the morning is wasted and we’re not getting ready until lunchtime. So I’m trying to change our schedules too.

    But this getting up early thing? I’m failing too.

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I understand the sleeping in too late thing also. Feels like the whole day is wasted. I just want my kids to sleep in until 8 when I get up early. If I am sleeping too they can sleep for as long as they want.

  6. Alison@Mama Wants This
    Twitter: MamaWantsThis

    I think the first thing is to get Monster to bed by 9pm like her big sister.

    Can dogs be bribed? If so, bribe the dogs to shut up. Or at least, to bark when the sun is up. Or close the windows.

    Maybe get the girls into a morning routine they can do on their own? Make it like a game? Or er, bribery again?

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I’ve been trying to get my monster to bed early for the last 2 years. Hasn’t worked yet. Candy bribery definitely is not good here though, makes her stay up longer.

  7. Mommy's Paradise
    Twitter: mommysparadise

    I’m with Alison on this, I think the monster holds the key. I would spend a couple of days to do the following: keep her really busy, physically, from early morning on (tough, I know) with a nap of 1 hr. max and she’ll adjust to the new schedule of going to bed with her sister, because she is dog tired (eventually, hopefully).
    With the dogs I have no idea, I love cats and they don’t bark. Good luck.

  8. kim says:

    Sleeping is always a good plan. Sleep first- everything else second. It’s for your health!

  9. I am always trying to find some time for myself (and blogging!) It’s so hard!!! Early mornings never work for me either. I generally end up doing everything at night.

  10. We have bird issues here. They like to chat outside JDaniel’s window at 5:00. He thinks that if the birds are awake he should be too.

  11. tracy
    Twitter: sellabitmum

    I’d say if little monster is still having a nap – you need to end it so she is in bed by 8 or earlier. If she’s is down by 11 and up by 7, she must be exhausted. Hugs.

  12. Barbara
    Twitter: babspinfrance

    I don’t know what I would do if my kid was up until 11! That is my me time! Hugs! I hope it gets better!

  13. Elena
    Twitter: elenawollborg

    I need a new plan, too! I thought the past few days I’d finally be back to having blog reading time and now that Lanagan isn’t napping – I don’t know when to do it. I guess don’t open the windows, sweat it out and stay in bed and read. That’s what I’m doing right now. Lanagan is out playing a game and Cooper is still sleeping.

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      A couple times I have stayed in bed with her and it worked until I started typing to fast. Maybe I’ll try that again but type slower.

  14. Eve {beautiful spit up}
    Twitter: EverythingEvie

    My Handsome goes to bed no later than 8 p.m. (Thank God!) It’s been a struggle recently since the days are longer and it gets dark at a later hour. I agree with Tracy, if Little Monster is still taking naps during the day, try to get her to stop so she’s tired much sooner than 11 p.m. and you can relax with a Pom Martini!

  15. Kimberly says:

    My toddler has been getting up between 5:30 and 6:30 which means I’m already up…stupid early rising sun. I had to chuckle about the dog. Mine does the same thing. He’s such an asshole sometimes.

  16. Galit Breen
    Twitter: galitbreen

    Oh so been there. So, so been there. pass the Starbucks. XO

  17. Elizabeth
    Twitter: singlelife2wife

    Maybe let the dogs out for a quick bathroom break and then bring them back in until the kiddos are up? When I get up in the morning our dog will get up but only to move to myside of the bed to my pillow!

  18. Stephanie
    Twitter: supermomboots

    I wish I had advice for you! This was my plan too and no dogs ruined it but my son has superhearing and the SECOND he hears me sneak down the stairs he pops up awake!! And my husband wonders why I am crankier these days :P

  19. Leigh Ann
    Twitter: latorres

    I love the days when I get up before everyone else. But after going for a run and showering, someone is usually awake. I can usually let the big girls play in their beds for a while, but if it’s the little one, I have to get her up. Or everyone stays asleep and hubs wakes up and just wants me to lay in bed with him. Yup, he’s a snuggler. I can’t stand being idle when I know I can be drinking my coffee, catching up on some reading, or even doing some writing!

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      This is similar to how my nights. I love staying up late after everyone has gone to bed so I have some quiet time. But sometimes my husband stays up late and wants me to watch TV with him. I get this feeling like I have other stuff to do so I don’t want to relax with him.

  20. amanda
    Twitter: Amandaaustin

    I am definitely a night person. If the baby didn’t wake up so early (7 am no matter what) id be staying up till 1 doing the same thing!

  21. Christi says:

    Both of mine are usually in bed by 9pm, thank goodness! However, the husband usually is as well. Sometimes that’s a good thing (me time). Sometimes that’s a not-so-good thing (boredom). Good luck with your new early morning plan! Perhaps tomorrow will be better…

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      You should join the late night parties on Twitter after your husband goes to bed. It’s usually pretty entertaining.

  22. Kristy says:

    Ugh. I would be a mean, mean person in your shoes waking at 6:30 with the kids everyday. I go to bed and read and relax right after my son goes down – about 9:00 in the summer. My husband is up early anyways and helps my son up between 7:30-8:30 am. I get up about 8:30 or 9:00 am. My alone time/rest time is mostly during nap. Sounds like you have a child that is a little too old for nap. I am sorry for you.

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      My oldest is definitely too old for naps but I think my little one might be growing out of them now too. That makes me very sad. I love nap time.

  23. i got nothing… i know, super helpful.

  24. Janie
    Twitter: janie_real

    Oh dear, I’m afraid I have no bright idea to offer. How about a virtual hug?

  25. Grumpy Grateful Mom
    Twitter: grumpygrateful

    We’ve been letting my 3-year-old, Mase, stay up with us. Which means, by the time he gets to bed, I’m still in need of my kid-free time. So, I’ve been staying up later and later. These huge bags under my eyes are not cute.

    For me, I think I’m going to start getting Mase to bed earlier, super nanny style. No talking, just taking him to bed again and again and again. Hopefully, it will work–fast. :)

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      The bags under my eyes are very big and dark. I might need to invest in more makeup.

      If the super nanny plan works out let me know.

  26. Lindsey
    Twitter: dashingly

    Ouch, I’d be dragging if I got that little sleep!
    Can you get the kids to bed earlier? Mine all go to bed at 7, and wake up around 7:30. My evening time is precious to me!

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      Can I send my kids to your house to learn how to go to bed early? I have no idea how to do it.

      • Lindsey
        Twitter: dashingly

        Uhh, I’d try really wearing them out for a few days, and gradually backing up their bedtimes to where you want them. Like, even 8 would be a huge difference for you eh? It will take some getting used to but I bet it’s possible.

  27. Gina
    Twitter: firefam5

    I wish I could give you a new plan- but the only one I know is my own- & by the sounds of it- you would HATE it.
    Up at 5-5:30 with the hubs- have some coffee- make the 30 steps into the office & get some work in- get the hubs out the door- get the kids fed & working on school- get in the gym- get myself ready for the day- get back in the classroom & get the school day wrapped up- back in the office for more work- take some photos- next photo editing- blogging as much as I can fit in- reply to emails- all before hubs comes home & get get dinner going- clean the kitchen- girls to bed- boy to bed- try to fit in some catch up on the day time w/ hubs & hit the pillow my midnight.

    Add in chores & anything else like appointments, activities or repair people- I feel like I am drowning. But I really can’t complain too much- I still feel so blessed that I am able to be home with the kids & do what I do.

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      You are one busy mama. Not sure I can hang with getting up at 5:30. Just 2 days of 6:30 have drained me.

  28. Ma What's For Dinner
    Twitter: whats4dinnerma

    Ouch! We’re the opposite here. Up bright and early and all kids in bed by 8 in the summer. 7:30 during school. I can’t stay up past 11 anymore, that’s what happens when the munchkins wake you up at 6:30. Good luck!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What’s For Dinner

  29. Hahahaha! Oh my gosh, you seriously crack me up!! I love that 6:30 is the “butt crack of dawn” for you. I’ve got no plan for you…sorry.

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      What is really sad is that when I was younger I used to work at a bakery and had to be to work at 4am. Now I think 6:30 is early.

  30. Poppy
    Twitter: funnyorsnot


  31. A Mommy in the City
    Twitter: amommyinthecity

    Harlan goes to bed early and wakes up early. Thankfully my husband plays with her in the morning so I can sleep in for a little bit before he goes to work. Sorry I have no advice. I’m not much of an early person either.

  32. I’ve been staying up way too late this month with the big kids here, just because I’m desperate for me time. So I have no advice, because I’m cranky and overtired, but I feel your pain.

  33. Caroline says:

    I wish I had a new plan for you. But, I don’t. I do know that early morning time alone is REALLY amazing! But, for me, waking up that early is just not always possible. This morning I slept till 8:30…don’t hate me!

  34. Lauren Weber
    Twitter: laurenweber84

    Someone may have already said this, but could you bring your computer into the bedroom? That might be one way…although I do discourage you from sleeping with your computer… ;)

  35. C @ Kid Things
    Twitter: kidthingsnet

    It seems I’ve been staying awake later and later recently, in part because my kids have been sleeping in longer but the quiet is also nice. But of course on the days that I stay up really late (2 a.m.-ish) my two youngest wake up before 7. That was not a fun day.

  36. Leighann says:

    Not me!!
    Sleep is my best friend.
    I lay with my daughter so she’ll go to sleep at 7 and then blog.
    Then I get up and shower, get her ready for daycare, get her breakfast and go to work while daddy gets her ready the rest of the way.
    I could never get up earlier.

  37. Bruna
    Twitter: beeswithhoney

    Don’t ask me for advice because I get less time on the computer than you do. I can’t stay up that late. Wimp? yes. The kids have me up by 8am the latest! I sleep as long as I can. The youngest doesn’t nap anymore so my blogging time has been big time infringed upon!

    I hear ya Mama:)

  38. Jen {at} take2mommy
    Twitter: take2mommy

    Seems like the pups are chiefly to blame for your morning going awry. My dog used to wake the kids up early also. The dog wouldn’t come upstairs to their rooms but like your dogs, she likes to bark and growl at every moving bird/leaf/blade of grass. So I put her in her crate at night and shut the window and drapes near her crate, so she can’t see/hear anything outside. It keeps her quiet for a little while longer. Good luck to you!

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      We have one of the dogs crate trained but she isn’t the one that barks. The other dog has become very spoiled and sleeps with my oldest at night. He is the barker. I’m going to try and bring him in after he has eaten in the morning and hope that will get him to stop waking up sleeping children.

  39. My ME TIME plans always backfire. Always! Sometimes you just have to lock the kids in their bedroom with a snack.

  40. Tonya says:

    I have no words of advice for you. Quiet time on the computer only happens during nap times, if I’m lucky enough to get one or after bedtime. And as you know, I’m a night owl. Luckily my husband does mornings with Lucas so I can sleep in. ANd by sleep in, I ‘m talking 7:30. Boo.

  41. Kate
    Twitter: katepantier

    I don’t let the dog out of the bedroom in the morning because he always makes noise when he goes outside & every single time the kid wakes up. Drives me insane!

    Hope you’re getting more sleep now!

    And 6:30 am is disgusting! I’d rather stay up late than get up early any day!

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