The Garden – Part 1

Building the garden wall last year

Last year I had my husband build a wall to block off the top portion of our backyard for a garden. The wall wasn’t finished until late June so the lot sat gardenless and I killed a few tomato, squash, pepper, and strawberry plants on the patio instead.

This year, I plan to use my brown thumb in the garden area so I had to do some work removing the beautiful greenery I have been growing all winter – weeds.

The garden on Friday before I started #wineparty

So, Friday evening the husband went to Home Depot and rented a rototiller after he got off work.

He got home around 6:00 and spent an hour and a half pulling weeds and tilling the soil while I joined in my first Twitter #wineparty.

Saturday morning, the husband got up early and finished tilling and cleaning the garden area with the assistance of the early rising crazy monkey. I took care of the little monster inside, sleeping next to her until she woke me up at 9:15.

Part 1 of the garden is now complete. I worked hard and got the area cleared out of the weeds I grow successfully each year.

The garden now

The area is now ready for my neighbor to come over and design the optimal layout and plant the seeds.

Planting a garden sure does require a lot of time and effort on my part but I hope to grow a lot of fruits and vegetables this year.

Stay tuned for more on this year’s garden…

If you haven’t checked out my first giveaway yet then do so because it closes on April 6th (but after you leave a comment admiring my hard work on this year’s garden so far).


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46 Responses to The Garden – Part 1

  1. MamaTrack
    Twitter: MamaTrack

    Good luck! I have a total brown thumb. Husband is green though, so we do ok. Hope it works out for you!
    MamaTrack recently posted..My Car

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      At least you have some balance. My husband has a brown thumb like me so we have to enlist help from others with the growing.

  2. Caroline says:

    Oh, I’m totally impressed with your hard work. But, I’m also laughing over your brown thumb. I’ve never heard of that before.
    Caroline recently posted..The Toddler’s in my EAR again!

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I usually kill everything I try and plant so I always joke that instead of having a green thumb I have a brown thumb.

  3. liz says:

    Holy Geez, that’s a huge garden! You will be able to feed your whole town on that.

    I love that he tended to the garden while you partook in #WineParty. :)
    liz recently posted..Caption This!

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I didn’t realize how big the area was when I had him build the wall. Gives me a lot of space to kill the plants. ;)

      I was working very hard at #wineparty while he was pulling weeds and tilling the dirt. I was very tired after all my efforts.

  4. Elena
    Twitter: elenawollborg

    I love your “brown thumb!” ;) I did a smaller garden last year but hope to expand it this year. I was only really good at basil & rosemary. Hope my skills improve this summer. I’m excited to see what you do! It looks huge!
    Elena recently posted..Potty Training 102

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      So far the only things I have been good at are basil and jalapenos. I had a few strawberries last year too but my little one kept eating them right off the vine the minute they turned red.

      Maybe we can share gardening tips to give us a better chance at growing something this year.

  5. Jessica Plassmeyer
    Twitter: jessplassmeyer

    It looks great!! I am envious of you … i have a major brown thumb … I killed a bamboo plant, I didn’t even think that was possible! haha I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!
    Jessica Plassmeyer recently posted..The Diaper Bag Is In Nevada…

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I didn’t know it was possible to kill a bamboo plant either. I have had one in my room for the last year and it hasn’t grown at all but it’s not brown so I guess it is still alive.

  6. Alina says:

    That looks great! I’ve been working over the past few years to turn my brown thumb green. It can be done. ;)

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I’m hoping with the efforts of everybody I know I will be able to actually grow something edible this year.

  7. Shell says:

    Good luck! I’d love a garden, but a magic one that requires no work from me.

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      My goal is to turn my garden into a magic one that everybody else takes care of and I only have to pick the ripe fruits/vegetables. Not sure if I will be successful though.

  8. Kate
    Twitter: katepantier

    I am definitely hoping to have a garden this year! We always did one we were kids & my grandparents grew about 2 acres year round. I hope I remember everything, I never realized how much work they put into them!

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see how the rest of it goes!

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      A 2 acre year round garden would be a lot of work but it would be nice to have fresh fruits/vegetables all the time.

      • Kate
        Twitter: katepantier

        Until I was 4 or 5 years old, I never knew that there were grocery stores except to buy diapers. lol We always got our meat, milk, eggs, fruit & vegs from my grandparents’ or my aunt’s farm.

        • Jessica D Torres says:

          That would be so great to be able to live off the land except I wouldn’t be good at getting meat, milk, and eggs from the animals I was raising. That would probably make me sad.

  9. Gina
    Twitter: firefam5

    I would love to have a garden- how fun
    Gina recently posted..Project 365 &amp Selfie Saturday- Bokeh

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I would imagine it is hard to have a garden in southern Nevada but I have heard you can grow citrus. I would love a lemon tree but the cold would kill it.

  10. You’re going to get sooooo much yum out of there this year!

    PS. Did you know I wasn’t following you? You were in my reader though, and not everyone I follow is in there!
    blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..Santa Fe Taco Mac Recipe

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      Thanks for the positive thinking. I’m going to need a lot for my garden.

      I always forget to follow people through GFC but that is because most of the blogs I read are in my reader. I feel honored to be in your reader! Thanks.

  11. KLZ says:

    Question: how do you keep bunnies away from your plants?
    KLZ recently posted..The Crocodile Roll

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I have found that bunnies don’t come around these parts because I have two big stupid dogs who will lick the bunnies to death if they ever step near a plant in my garden.

  12. Eve @Beautiful Spit Up
    Twitter: EverythingEvie

    Nice! Hope it works out well for you. I live in a condo in the city…no garden for me. Someday though!!
    Eve @Beautiful Spit Up recently posted..Partying Like It’s 2010- Handsome’s First Birthday Party!

  13. Kimberly says:

    Hot damn…check out that garden!
    We used to have a garden…then we got a dog who apparently also loved eating people food…meh who knew?…anyvegetables, he would pluck off the vegetables before they were ripe.
    And yes, our dog is still alive ;)
    Kimberly recently posted..Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I had to have the husband build the wall around the garden to keep the dogs out because mine also love to eat fruits/vegetables right off the vine. The funniest is when they get the jalapenos because they bit into the pepper and take off running becuase they can’t stand the heat.

  14. Nicole says:

    How exciting! I love gardening. I look forward to seeing how yours goes!
    Nicole recently posted..STRIPPING! Boom chicka wah wah! UPDATE

  15. Good luck with the garden! I wish I had a plot of land to call my own but it’s kind of hard when you live on th 12th floor of an apartment building!
    Ilana @ Mommy Shorts recently posted..Meet The Dog That Will Destroy Me

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      That would be kind of hard but maybe you could plant one on the roof of the building. It would get a lot of direct sunlight. ;)

  16. I love the idea of a garden, but I’m so one of those “brown thumb” people. I do like your method of having the husband do most of the work ;). Ha!

  17. I’m impressed with your garden! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I tried container gardening a couple of years ago and it was a flop.
    Ms. Wasteland recently posted..As the Spam Turns – Tales from Nigeria Guest post by Lauren at Think Spin

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I’ve done container gardens the last couple years with only a little success. I’m hoping this garden works out better.

  18. Wow . . . that is a very ambitious endeavor! But so worthwhile. How nice to have a Handy Man around, too. Good luck!

    P.S. You are welcome to join us in our new weekly meme. View your invite and info here:

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      It is a little ambitious but I am confident in everyone else around me to do a good job growing my garden. ;)

      Thanks for the invite on the meme, I’ll check it out.

  19. Abby says:

    I’m jealous! I’ve always wanted a garden like this, but we don’t have a yard, so I do my gardening in pots. Mostly herbs, a few flowers. Cherry tomatoes. I can’t WAIT for the day when I can really get outside and get my hands in the earth. Kudos to you! I hope your first garden is a huge success! :0)

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I have done container gardening for a couple years and it’s nice but there is a difference between containers and in the ground gardening. I hope you get an in the ground garden soon.

  20. Tonya says:

    Good luck with the garden. I have a hard enough time keeping my son alive, let alone flowers, fruits or veggies.
    Tonya recently posted..Big Day- Big Fun

  21. Miel Abeille says:

    As a child, I would garden with my grandparents every weekend! I suspect that your garden is going to be beautiful!!!

    (I missed the giveaway, but congrats on your 3 month blogoversary!)
    Miel Abeille recently posted..The clock’s still ticking

  22. BloggyDaddy says:

    That’s funny. Glad to see that along with you and the other commenters I’m not the only one with a brown thumb. Except I’ve always called mine a black thumb.

    Although I’m not the type to attempt a garden, I can relate to growing weeds, I’m real good at that. In fact, tonight after work I need to mow my weeds. Good luck with raising your fruity and veggie additions to the family.
    BloggyDaddy recently posted..Still Kicking

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      The best thing I have ever grown is weeds and boy do they grow well in my yard.

      Have fun mowing your weeds.

  23. Jess@Straight Talk
    Twitter: jessesco

    I would LOVE to have a garden! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out!
    Jess@Straight Talk recently posted..Let&8217s Do This

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