TGIF – I survived

I had a lot going on the past week or so. I was feeling a little overwhelmed and frustrated for a few days but I am happy to report that I survived!

I have almost replaced all of my stolen items from when our truck was broken into while visiting family in California (yet another reason why I would not live in Cali). I got my replacement glasses from Costco yesterday.

What do you think of the new spectacles? You should feel very lucky for getting to see this picture of me in my glasses because I very rarely let people other than my family see me wearing them.

I finished my very long essays for my American Economics History class. Now I’m on spring break, YEAH!!!

I’m all caught up at work after not going in for the last 2 weeks.

The house is still a mess but the housekeeper comes on Monday to take care of that.

The kids are still alive with no broken bones. Dog #1 came very close to being sold on EBay to the lowest bidder after eating food off the counter 3 times in one day, but for now he is still part of the family.

My mom is coming to stay for the next 3 days and the husband is going out of town. Girls’ weekend complete with sushi dinner on Saturday. I’m so excited!

And Kate from Mommy Monologues designed me a blog button! My instructions were very specific (do whatever you want) and this is what she created. Thank you Kate! If you haven’t met Kate yet you should go visit her because she is #ALLCAPSAWESOME.


So I made it through a crappy week and I am looking forward to the weekend and no school for me for the next week so I can spend all of my time in the blogosphere I will get caught up on my chores and ahead on my homework.

What are your big plans for the weekend?

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38 Responses to TGIF – I survived

  1. Shannon says:

    dog#1 eating food off the counter? No surprise I think the first sign of trouble was the day when he was a puppy and you came to him standing on the kitchen bar. Luv the glasses and the monster is ever so stylish.

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      He was getting better for a little while but then today he went back to his evil ways. He took pizza out of monster’s hands, got chocolate off the counter, ate the whole batch of fresh baked muffins the girls made with Nanny McPurse, and got something else but now I can’t remember. Thanks on the glasses, it is nice to have new ones finally.

  2. tracy says:

    i have had many a cat on the counter (generally to sleep there rather than steal food) but never a dog! what kind of dog is he? you have to be very very careful with chocolate as many dogs are allergic and could die even from eating small quanities!

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      Dog 1 is a black lab. I have told him chocolate is not healthy for dogs and we keep it up high or in the cabinet but he never listens.

  3. I am hosting a bridal shower and a birthday party for my 4 year old on the same day. TOMORROW. I hope I survive.

    Girls’ weekend sounds fabulous. Enjoy!!
    Heidi Smith Luedtke recently posted..Military Wife Life- MilSpouse Friday Fill-In 33

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      OMG!!! That is a lot for one day. I hope you survive and that everyone has a wonderful time. And I think you need a spa day or something on Sunday to recover.

  4. Elizabeth
    Twitter: singlelife2wife

    Girlfriend – I feel yea.. Congrats for making it through. Now relax this weekend. oh – I came down stairs last night to find out adorable dog with a green pepper hanging out of his mouth. Think it came from my unattended subway sandwich sitting on the table next to the couch…. I think yes! lol
    Elizabeth recently posted..Early Spring Cleaning

  5. Elizabeth
    Twitter: singlelife2wife

    ps – love the button!!!!
    Elizabeth recently posted..Early Spring Cleaning

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      My plan is to relax and take at least one nap. Sounds like your dog is taking lessons from my dog. Except my dog will not eat peppers. Peppers and lemons are the two things he will not touch, everything else though is fair game. No more leavng sandwiches on the couch….

      Thanks on the button.

  6. Congrats on making it through the week! I like the new specs – very cute. Nice blog button as well…that’s on my to-do list too! Have a fun weekend. I’m craving a little sushi – I’ll live vicariously through you. ;)
    Elena @NaynaDub recently posted..Dino Egg Hunt

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      Thanks! Check out Kate over at Mommy Monologues for a button when you get to that part of your to do list. She does a lot of great stuff. I don’t get to have sushi too often because the husband won’t eat it so I’m super excited. I’ll report back and tell you how wonderful it was… :)

  7. Love the glasses. Very saucy! Looking good!

  8. Victoria says:

    I have big plans for the weekend. I plan to not wake up early, not work out, not check homework, and not make dinner… I am very busy :)

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      Haha….I can see how busy you are. Mom would like to know what you are not doing with her puppies?

      • Victoria says:

        I am not cleaning up their pee and not getting up to let them in the house. (Only because they can open the door themselves now.) :)

  9. Tonya says:

    I like the new glasses.

    Glad you made it to Friday.

    Housekeepers rule!!
    Tonya recently posted..What Are Little Boys Made Of

  10. Jessica
    Twitter: fourplusanangel

    Cute glasses, I never appear in pictures with mine either. Sounds like fun plans for the weekend. I will be inside all weekend waiting for my kids to be germ-free again. But now you have me hungry for sushi, we will have to order in tomorrow!
    Jessica recently posted..Power

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I hope your kids get germ free soon. Order in for sushi? I wish we could do that. Would be much easier than taking my crazy kids out to a restaurant.

  11. Sandra says:

    I am a student as well, I can appreciate how much you were looking forward to your spring break and how well deserved it is! Have a great week, and I hope you get to relax!
    Sandra recently posted..Playing doctor

  12. liz says:

    There’s a WHOLE lot of good here! I love your glasses AND your button! I concur that Kate is #ALLCAPSAWESOME, too!

    I’m glad things are improving, even with your food-stealing dog. Our dog does that, too, so I can relate.
    liz recently posted..Can Facebook Get You Out of Jury Duty

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      Thank you!!!

      You have a food-stealing dog too? That sucks. It is nice to have dogs around with kids because they clean up all the food that drops on the floor during meals but when the dogs jump up on the counter and eat the food before the kids get to it is not so nice.

  13. XLMIC says:

    You look super cute in your new glasses! For me to go public in my glasses, something big has to be going on :P
    XLMIC recently posted..Did someone say penguin

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      Thank you. I don’t know what it is about glasses but wearing them in public for me is a big deal as it sounds like it is for you as well. Maybe it is because I can’t wear my sunglasses with my glasses…

  14. Alexandra says:

    I think you look SO CUTE.

    You have the perfect cheekbones for those glasses.

    Enjoy springbreak, and being with your family.
    Alexandra recently posted..Beautifully Bilingual – Your Child Talking Guest Post

  15. Bruna
    Twitter: beeswithhoney

    I like your button. Kate’s pretty darn nice. I like her too.
    I hope you have a great week!

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      Thank you, Kate is very nice and she does some very nice work with blogs although she only does Blogger right now. Thanks for visiting and for following on GFC.

  16. Oh, my dog will eat people food if left unattended. Our two year old girl ought to have learned not to leave her snacks unattended by now, but no. LOL. Hmmm… will have to give that ebay solution a thought. Actually my daughter just loves him so much that’s not an option. ;) I didn’t even know you wore glasses. My wife almost never wears hers in favor of contacts. Yours look good, though. I think some people look good in glasses. You look good both ways. Have a better week!
    Michael @ A Daddy Blog recently posted..HELP ME Win a New Family Car

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      My dogs love unattended food and the little one has found that she likes to feed the dogs. Usually she takes her snack and does one for her and one for each dog, over and over. Then she gets upset when the bag is empty and she is still hungry. My kids love the dogs too much to give them away but sometimes they do get very close. Thanks about the glasses.

  17. Yeah, my 2.5 year old is sneaking food to our dog, but as you say gets upset when it’s all gone. LOL. I probably need to break down and get glasses. Everyone said when I got in my forties (I’m old) this would happen. ;)
    Michael @ recently posted..HELP ME Win a New Family Car

  18. Amber says:

    I like your new glasses. Sorry about the crappy week. I hope your weekend goes better.

    Your blog button looks awesome!
    Amber recently posted..Hey- Its Okay Tuesday!

  19. I think you look great in your glasses! I love sushi! Hope you had a fun weekend and a fun time with your Mama.
    Life with Kaishon recently posted..‘We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival’ Winston Churchill

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