Don’t ignore the mess

Normally, I don’t put things off. I like to get my stuff done as early as possible. Except for one task…picking up dog poop. I put this task off as long as I can which always turns out bad for me.

We have 2 big dogs (one black lab and the other a black lab mix). It was my husband’s idea initially for us to get a dog and he used to be responsible for yard clean up. Now, he doesn’t like the dogs and the task of taking care of the dogs in all ways has fallen to me.

I only remember the mess in the yard when I am out back and usually I find some reason to ignore the pile. Then one day every 3 months or so it gets so bad that I can’t ignore it any longer. So I grab the scooper and the five gallon bucket and I get to work.

This last Saturday I filled up 3 five gallon buckets. My record is 5 buckets (yes, that is 25 gallons of poops). Disgusting! No wonder we have no grass in our backyard and our kids only play on the back patio. It takes me at least an hour to clean the mess in the yard and I usually end up with at least 2 blisters on my hand from shoveling.

The point to this nasty tale is don’t put shit off because it doesn’t go away, the pile only grows larger (pun intended).

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14 Responses to Don’t ignore the mess

  1. Leigh Ann
    Twitter: latorres

    Ha! I have a post in the works entitled “The Mine Field.”

  2. Carly
    Twitter: livingthescream

    So funny. I put things off ALL of the time I am the worst. When we do get a dog I will not put that off for sure! :)

    • If you are going to get a dog I suggest waiting until at least one of your kids is old enough to clean up the mess in the yard as one of their chores. That way you don’t have to do it. Thanks for the comment.

  3. JamieLynnDodd
    Twitter: JamieLDodd

    LOL I love this one!! Very nice, real world, example of the perils of procrastination ;)

    I’m lucky because we have 3 dogs and 2 cats. My kids share the responsibilities of poop duty so I rarely have to deal with it.

  4. Hi Jessica!
    I am soooo bad at cleaning up the poop! I have two little shih tzus and I always hear the kids outside yelling “MOM! There’s poop!” It’s the worst…LOL!

  5. Melanie J says:

    Hey…visiting from the Blog Hop. Love this post, I can remember picking up poop days. We no longer have our dogs and I can honestly say that I dont miss their poop. Hope you will come visit me on both my blogs.

  6. julie
    Twitter: juliefromotown

    This brings back memories. My parents used to do let our big husky dog poop in the yard all the time and I had to pick it up. Aweful job. the worst was when we had her as a puppy and she used to go in the basement while I was at school and my parents were at work. She would poo everywhere on the floor. The basement was unfinished, no exuse, it was so nasty. I would put it off too. I remember having to use bleach to clean it all up with a mop.
    So what do you do with all the gallons of poop? are you able to throw it out with the garbage?
    julie recently posted..Things I have done as a mother

    • Jessica D Torres says:

      I tried having my oldest clean up the yard as one of her chores but it didn’t work to well.

      Yes, I am able to throw it in our garbage can which gets picked up weekly by our trash service. If it wasn’t for that I don’t think I would have dogs.

  7. I’m sorry to laugh but that was hilarious. We have a chiweenie and he has large tootsie roll size turds. Thankfully I don’t have to scoop them up since they turn into compost unless of course its winter then the little turd bucket decides to drop chow on our walkway. I guess his legs are to short for the snow. :-)

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